Wednesday, November 11, 2009

World Record Mattress Dominoes

I got to participate in a World Record attempt today at a local furniture store. It was for Mattress Dominoes - as you can see I was #152. Molly and I went to watch after our friend Ashley told us about the event. I realized after watching for a few minutes that Molly could sit in the stroller and supervise while I got to participate so why not give it a try!!
Molly posing as #151 knocking me down - she was not very pleased to participate.

There were over 189 people each holding a mattress going throughout Bailey's Furniture some in the show room like Molly and me and some in the warehouse that was attached. It was a good thing this wasn't outside b/c it was blizzard conditions and I would not have been able to do that. The best part was that the event was in honor of Veteran's day so Molly and I dedicated our performance to Jon who couldn't be with us this year - we only hope we can find something as exciting as this to drag you to next year.

For those who are visual learners here was the demo they gave us so we wouldn't mess up.