Saturday, October 24, 2009

Family Time

Jon, Molly and I have been having a blast in Texas for the past week. We have gone to many parks, seen a cattle drive, participated in Baylor's homecoming, played tons of games and laughed a LOT. Between Molly and Jon and I have laughed a few calories off each day.
Molly letting Jon and I know that she is done. After a full weekend she just wanted to be home and out of the car seat! She survived her first Baylor game with minimal sunburn (unlike her parents) and as you can see she was very upset at Baylor's loss - hopefully she won't have to get to use to this.

At the start of the game - everyone is happy and I don't think Baylor was even losing at this point - the final score was 34-7

Getting ready to go to her first bonfire!!

Molly and I with my friend Connie. At the bonfire there was a Ferris wheel so we thought it would be fun. It was a little scarier at the top than we thought it would be but don't worry Molly was secure in the Ergo (can't say the same for the Ferris wheel)
Waiting in line
Molly in her cheerleader costume. While it is fun for now I really hope she is more into playing sports when she gets older than watching them (but I will love her no matter what)
Swinging - a favorite now that she fits in the swing and can hold her head up!!

Sic 'em Bears! Molly thought she was back home in Alaska but Jon had to let her know that this was Judge Sue Baylor's mascot not her backyard buddy brown bear.
That sandwich looks tasty - Molly teaching her dad how to share.
I couldn't let Jon have all the fun - Molly and I had some swing time too.

Here is one of the many things that has brought laughter to our lives this week. Before coming my parents and I were having fun and Molly was being a tad dramatic - Granny did not approve but BertBurt was willing to help me get this on film - I will cherish it forever. Jon can do any counseling she will need later on in life because of it.
Here is Molly in all her swinging glory - this was an hour into swinging at the park one day.


Connie Dunn said...

we're loving having y'all around! Check out our blog:

Mandy said...

Great pics! I really like the pigtails and her on the ferris wheel made me laugh because I wondered if they would let Mariah on (with Dad, Mom does not like heights) so when I saw your pic I thought 'Ashley would be the other person to think of that!'