Sunday, October 18, 2009

Molly can crawl!

Jon is with Molly and I!! We have visited his grandmother and great-uncle Jim in Oklahoma and then we came to Waco for the rest of his visit. Molly, great-grandma Rumbaugh and Jon - notice Molly just can't keep her eyes and hands off Jon. Most of the weekend that is not how things went - she wanted her great-grandma AKA great-spoiler.

Today after church while we were hanging out watching football Molly decided to start crawling. It is a funny crawl but as far as we are concerned it is crawling instead of rolling to get everywhere. So glad Jon got to be part of this fun milestone!!


Tressa said...

SO exciting! Daddy should be so proud!
The Strickland girls were ECSTATIC to see the McPhersons today! So sad I missed it! Hope you guys have a great time together here in Waco!

Stephanie said...

She was saving that one up just for her daddy! Love that Jon got to see that one!!

Vik said...

So glad you guys get to be together! We love you guys! Pete and Vik

Mandy said...

Way to go Molly! Mobile! I am so glad you both go tto see it - what a blessing! Sad we did not get to see you much at church but we knew you were a hot commodity :)