Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pictures from Jon

Jon took some pictures of his day to day life downrange (Army for in the war zone) so here they are for your viewing pleasure - with commentary by Ashley.
This is Jon's FOB (Army for base where he sleeps and does services when he is not out on the road)

My guess is this is his office building by the sign - all the buildings look alike.

What a warm and inviting office - I guess when you work with mostly guys and are in a war situation warm and inviting is not top on the list. At least he has plenty of water to give out!I was surprised to see the stained glass - this is actually a very nice chapel in my opinion. After seeing his office I didn't expect to see this one.

Working hard - does anyone else notice the big screen TV? Hope he doesn't get too used to that because when he gets back home it is back to old faithful our 32inch.The man that keeps Jon alive! What a fun job following Jon around watching out for people trying to get you both. The only thing I am jealous of is the fact that he and Jon get to spend so much time together this year - no offense Bolling but I think Jon will gladly dump you for me when he gets back to Alaska.After a long hard day at work who wouldn't want to come home to that cozy bed? I guess that is why the Army works you non-stop 24/7 while you are deployed so that when they finally let you sleep it won't matter on what.
Inside his office - at least he doesn't have to wear his body armor in there.
A tribute to Molly with a little bit of Ashley thrown in for good measure:)
Two computers so he can look extra busy.Ah the days of the Journey! A reminder of the goofy days so that hopefully he won't take himself to seriously.

I was thankful to get the pictures from Jon and I hope you enjoyed them too. Only 50 more days until we get to be together as a family and Jon doubles his time spent with Molly.


Mandy said...

thanks for sharing the pics - still praying for you both as you are apart :)

Anonymous said...

I was looking around for any sight of memorabilia from his littler sister. Found a letter on the wall!