Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jennie and Jessica

This week I had two friends in town and we had a blast. We did touristy things all day and then sat around at night talking and vegging. It was so fun. While they were here Molly has started to roll over on a regular basis and she started to babble more. I think with others around talking and laughing she realized that talking does not have to be limited to when we are out of the house around others. We went one a whale watching cruise (note to self remember to tell friends if they get motion sick to take meds before going out on the open waters), went to see scenic views on a bunch of hikes and blueberry picking. I think I ate more this week than the past month and enjoyed every minute of it. We celebrated our birthdays together and then had "chocolate covered donuts" (birthday cake) for breakfast most mornings. You can't waste a good cake now. We all have birthdays within two weeks of each other. We have some other friends from high school that we used to joke about going on a birthday bash b/c our birthday's all fell within two weeks of each other but Darcy just got married and Shannon had a baby (tonight!) so it was just the three of us but we made the most of it! With over 500 pictures to choose from it was quite difficult to narrow it down but here are few highlights!
At an abandoned gold mine
Whale watching
After our homemade hand picked blueberry pie - notice the blue tongues!
Riding up the tram
Cake and "chocolate donuts"
Jennie screaming about whitewater, open grates and a unstable hand tram.
Jessica screaming (in her head) we are over the weight limit here are we sure about this??
Molly and I enjoying the view and seeing them squirm.
Molly is starting to notice food more and likes to whine when you eat without sharing with her.
Right before our whale watching cruise.

Blueberry picking day 1 - we went twice and were much more successful the second day!

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Bert Burt said...

What a great opportunity for you and Molly to be able to share such an adventure with Jennie and Jessica. Whale watching, visit to former gold mine, riding a tram, and lots of eating! That is what I would classify as one busy week.