Sunday, August 16, 2009

My 30th Birthday

Donuts, Rock Climbing, Twister Championship, Chocolate Cake, all day with friends. What could be better!!
This week my friends Jennie and Jessica from high school are here so we will have some fun adventures to post soon!!

All tuckered out after 14 hours of partying!


Bert Burt said...

That is certainly an exciting way to spend your birthday for someone who is 30 – Molly seems to have had a great time also. No wonder she is tuckered out – 14 hours of partying can be tiring even for a party animal like her.
Hope you have an exciting time with Jennie and Jessica – you should be able to provide a great tour of Alaska based on your previous adventures.

Tara said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun day!

You look great Ashley! Like such a natural at being a mommy! Molly is just a cutie patootie and what fun that child has already had! :)

Nothing beats Donuts and chocolate cake for a bday :)

Mandy said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Your hair by the way looks great -so long!