Monday, August 3, 2009

Canoe, Paintball and Glaciers

This weekend we went to a picnic where there was canoeing and paintball so of course we had try it out! Let's just say Molly is not necessarily a fan of life vests and therefore we are not exactly sure what she thinks of the lake. Since I didn't feel safe on the water without her wearing one we didn't last too long out there. You can't swim at this lake so we didn't really get to play in the water either but that is ok since most lakes have leeches in Alaska. Paintball however was a different story. She really loved the part she got to do in that - we stood on the outskirts of the course and shot people but they couldn't shoot us because, well Molly was not a shot able target!

Molly in the canoe
Before she realized the life vest did not taste good and that she HATED wearing it!
What most of our ride looked like
Molly and I ready for some paintball action - notice the bow and hair sticking up through her mask.

Sunday we went with our friends Valerie and William to a glacier about 1.5 hours away. It was an amazing experience and so beautiful we couldn't have asked for a better day!

The view of the glacier from our restaurant
The "sturdy" bridge we crossed - that is right you can see the water flowing from what you drive over.
The view from the parking lot - the white part is the glacier we got to climb on!
Valerie and William leading the way
We were right behind these people - notice the helmets and their feet are fitted with ice shoes. If you noticed in the previous picture Valerie and I were not that extreme we just hike in our climbing/winter boots and kids strapped to us. William is the only one of us who fell which is why he got to ride the whole time we were out climbing on the ice.
Notice the two small dots on top of the ice - those are people who climbed that ice cliff - we had to check out the view.
It was totally worth it! This picture does not capture how amazing this view us but let me tell you it was breath taking. It was worth climbing through the running water to get to.

Our little break on the way back. William was told if he rode in the backpack he could throw some rocks in a lake. There are plenty of rocks on the glacier and plenty of melted spots so we took a nice break from carrying the kids for 2 hours and let them have some fun. Molly enjoyed it until the glacier water soaked through the jacket, her jacket and clothes and she got a little cold. She got stripped down and put in William's sweater for the rest of the journey back.
I can't wait to take some friends to see this place!!

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