Saturday, September 5, 2009

Food Glorious Food

Molly had her 6 month appointment and is still in the 25% for her height and weight and 50% for her head. The doctor recommended that we start her on rice cereal for the iron. Our original plan was to wait until she saw Jon to eat but I want to make sure she is nourished more than saving milestones for daddy. So the other day we started on cereal - the fun stuff we will save for Jon.

Molly's last day of a liquid diet
My little helper - if she had to eat she at least wanted to help. This was her first time ever to eat food!
The pictures below are her second time to eat. Tina was around to take pictures so there are a few more fun ones.

"Not so bad mom"
"Wait I hate this" - followed by a whole body shiver. She tolerates the rice cereal I wouldn't say it is her favorite but it is worth it for the nourishment.
Molly cleaned up after her meal
The fun thing about food is I manage to find it everywhere. The first night we had a lot of cereal snot, moose in our hair and under our multiple chins.


Connie Dunn said...

Ashley...she is too cute. Juice makes the cereal taste a little better. Plus it's some extra vitamins & calories.

Bert Burt said...

What great new experiences for Molly who is certainly trying to help. Getting her to like to eat cereal sounds like it will take a lot of work and require multiple clean ups. Hope future feeding become easier and cleaner.

Mandy said...

So precious! I can not believe how much her hair has gotten lighter!