Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lower 48

Molly and I have made the trip to the lower 48 to visit family while we wait for the phone call from Jon saying he is one his way for our mini-vacation. The Army lets you come home for 2 weeks if you are deployed for a year and so we decided to meet in Texas where it is warm, there is good food, you can easily drive to fun places and Jon can run outside without getting frostbite.
While we wait Molly and I are visiting family and friends. We have seen all the grandparents/aunts/uncles and cousins who live in the US (sorry Brian) and will be going to see my grandparents, aunts and uncles this week in Tennessee. My mom and her sister are meeting to sell the Key family farm.
Molly will get to go on many flights in the next few weeks and I am thankful to know that if I put her on the ground below my feet she will close her eyes and go to sleep. Let's hope she continues to be a good traveler - she hates her car seat but she loves going places - oh boy!
Here are some picture highlights from the past week.
Aunt Jenn feeding the goats at the Reston Zoo. Molly wanted some of that tasty looking food but Grandma McP won't let her.

Just monkeying around.

Grandpa McP, Grandma McP (with Molly in her arms) and Aunt Jenn. Molly isn't getting spoiled or anything during this trip (note sarcasm)

Molly's first sheep encounter - not so sure about these animals she is much more used to moose, bears and whales.

Molly, Aunt Jenn and I went to the Baltimore Aquarium. This is them in front of the shark teeth. Word to the wise - the 4-d movie experience means they blow water and air on you. Please note when bringing a small child who is tired it is best not to put them in front of the water blower - the surprise water on their face makes them a little unhappy. Also when the air blows on the moms feet (making you think a snake and rats are getting you) and she jumps and almost drops the child that also upsets them. Aunt Jenn was nice enough to let us leave the experience early b/c I kept jumping and Molly kept waking up crying.
The dolphin show - much more our speed. Nothing crazy coming at you.

Molly and I in the water fountain at the Inner Harbor.

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