Sunday, September 13, 2009

A week with Carey

This past week my friend Carey flew up for a jam packed week of fun! We went to the state fair, had a crab bake, she few to Denali, we went up the tram at Aleyska and then hiked the hand-tram hike, rode the train to Seward and hung out all day and of course saw moose, bear and whales in the wild.
Here are a few picture highlights of the week.

Carey with Molly - notice Molly's hairdo has wore off on Carey by the end of a week together.
Momma Beluga whale at Beluga Point no less. Her baby would come up after her so no picture of them together.
Carey and I testing out the 10 pounds of crab for our Labor Day grill out. I actually like seafood now.
Molly roasting her first marshmallow. Don't worry she didn't get to eat it just play in the fire while roasting it.
A nice kayak ride around Mirror Lake to finish off our Labor Day party.
Molly with the Sea Lion at the Seward Sea Life Center.
Molly touching Nemo's home (I don't know how to spell that). It was a lot more sticky than I thought it would be but she didn't seem to mind it.
Molly taking a cat nap on one of our many walks.
Molly's first railroad trip. This is actually a posed picture the day we rode the train we got up at 5am so I wasn't thinking too clearly - we had to go back and buy the hat and take the picture a few days later.

Molly after the hand-tram hike - she really likes that hike.
Molly kissing a moose in Talkeetna. This is one of the towns that the TV show Northern Exposure was based on. We drove here so Carey could get in a plane a fly to Denali.
Carey getting ready to fly. Molly and I walked around town and soaked up the sun while Carey landed on part of Mt. McKinley.
Carey, Molly and I with a perfect view of Mount McKinley behind us. Only about 30% of visitors to the state actually get to see the mountain because the weather is usually bad and there are lots of clouds. All my guests have been able to see it so far though.
The state fair!
It was miner's day so we got hats - oh boy.

A fun little walk along the Tony Knowles.


N.Ward.Designs said...

looks like a blast!!

Paige Head said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun. Carley is dying to come to Alaska and see snow. I wish I had known you were going to Seward. I would have called Nikki you could have gotten up close and personal wtih the Sea Lions. Glad you are having fun.