Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter and Friends

This past month we hosted our last big event for unit - Eggstravaganza!  Between planning the event and other life we made lots of time fun with friends.  There is something about knowing when you are moving that helps you make the most of your days.  We have spent lots of hours at the beach, dinners with friends and adjusting Easter plans once we found out the ferry taking us to another island was cancelled.

Riley and her buddy Seth

Molly and Savannah having photo booth fun

Our last big event for the unit

Jon helping hand out our bunny bags

Jon helping the kids pugil stick fight the bunny!
Thankful for chaplain assistants who will dress up for the families!

After the event we hung out at the beach for another 4 hours

Going to miss being outside almost all the time

Low tide - hanging out and walking all the way out

What hosting an event looks like - car loaded down and kids sitting criss cross applesauce

Best way to end a long day - firepit

Living last supper at AWANA

Washing of the feet - remembering what Jesus did for the disciples

My BUNCO friends - made these past 3 years a blast

Fun times

Lots of pictures with friends who are moving


School book fair - Annie from Magic Tree House

Family egg hunt

Resurrection Eggs!!

Feeding the fish at the zoo

Driving the cars

Driving the cars - still

The girls favorite part - rainbow butt monkey (Mandrill)

Easter Brunch

Fun times with the little girls

My weekly coffee buddy - gonna miss Grace a lot!!

Kid and parents playing tag

Playing on the bounce house before the broken elbow

Off to the ER with a broken elbow!

Red cast for the next 3 weeks!

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