Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Zealand - Auckland days

For spring break we took the family on a trip to New Zealand.  It was our last big adventure before we move back to the sates.  We spent the first few nights in the city of Auckland and once we had a feel for the area we loaded up in an RV for the adventure of a lifetime. 
In Auckland we enjoyed doing the typical touristy type things like the Hop on Hop off Buss and the Sky Tower.  When we were not doing the touristy things we were walking miles around the city to see the sites and finding places to eat.  Stay tuned for the  post which will be about our RV adventure. 

My friend Jamie made me a passport holder right before the trip and it was prefect!

Hanging out in the airport for the first of many lines.

Playing origami to pass the time

Don't look down

Mom this is the best food I put in my mouth ever!!
Oh I mean besides what you cook for me usually

Hanging out in the university fountain

Finding a little shade in the city

Hop on Hop off Bus

Mt Eden


Come - adventure with me!

Dad - why can't we just use the sidewalk??

walked over a mile since it was one of the top spots to eat with kids

They did have fun

You guys ready for the 1 mile walk home now??

Looking at Sky Tower and playing around the city waiting until we get our RV

Not letting the cast slow her down

This is our home for the next few days!!!

Happy Birthday Jon!

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