Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Look who turned a whole hand!

Birthday season is upon on in the McP house and Riley has been super excited to be turning A WHOLE HAND!  Her goal for this year is to stop sucking her thumb, buy something at the 100 yen store and have a special lunch and dinner.  As the middle child she regularly gets either lumped up with her big sister or down with her little sister but this day was all her all day and she let us know it!!
She woke up super excited for her balloons, presents, and birthday banner.  She got donuts for her classmates at school and we went to the Ferris Wheel and waited for 13 minutes so she could ride the 1 yellow ride instead of all the other red ones.  Since it was her special day she got to skip quiet time and play outside with me.  Her favorite was pushing her stroller around and the neighborhood with her dolls in their new clothes.  Once we got her big sister from school we ran to the beach for 2 hours since it was a beautiful day and then we came home to meet Jon to go to our special dinner. 
We are so thankful for our Riley who is solid, smiley and silent until you get her to open up!

Birthday prep

Excited to open her presents

R Pancakes at her request

Not a red on this time - waiting until the yellow car came around

Love her style - she may not talk much but her clothes SHOUT

So excited for a ride after preschool

Beach fun

Perfect day to play at the beach

After showers we went to dinner

Excited to eat on the Special Day plate

Not so sure about being the center of attention outside of the family

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