Wednesday, March 9, 2016

OKUMA - with ladies and littles

When Jon is gone and your friends husbands gone or need to work on a thesis and you have nothing to do you plan a trip up the road to the local resort - OKUMA!  We loaded up the Noah with all 8 of us and our luggage and drove up Saturday morning.  A picnic lunch was scheduled at a fun park along with way and we played until the rain started.  All of us loaded back up in the car and kept driving - we got to the resort 2 hours before we could check in and decided to try out the local toy museum.  It was AWESOME!!  All the toys made out of wood which was great until Kelly decided to dive into the ball pit.  After playing in the toy museum for 2 hours we headed down to Okuma and checked in.  The rain had let up a little so after putting our luggage in the cabin we rented the bike buggies and rode around and having fun.  Once we finished the bike rides the rain picked up again so we went back to the cabin to snack, play games, let the kids watch tv and just hang out.  The next morning the weather had cleared up and it was beautiful.  We played at the beach, drank coffee, played some more, rented the buggy bikes again, played some more at the beach and then packed up and headed home.  It was a great weekend and a fun time with friends!!  So grateful for the awesome ladies and littles that God has placed in my life while we get to live this island adventure.

I love our playgrounds

Toy museum

Wooden egg ball pit - why not?

Buggy Bikes!!

Fun times

Molly decided to "help" me

Saw cheese!

Snacks and sitting

Relaxing and staying out of the rain

BACON!! and eggs and pancackes

Mom take a picture with me - ok

More buggy bike time

The kids got to peddle but steering was difficult for them

Beach time

Going to miss living on a island one day

Sun was coming out and people started getting closer to the water

Searching for shells

Last dinner before we got Jon home - sushi!

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