Saturday, June 20, 2015

School's out for the summer!!!

We celebrated the last week of school and friends had some good family friends PCS right afterward so it has been a few weeks of parties for the family.  After making it through the end of the year parties and celebrations we joined Jon for a few strong bond marriage events and even managed a few days of beach fun with friends before they left the island.  Molly noticed that when my friends leave the island we get one last pedicure together and she asked if she saved her money up would she be allowed to take her friend who was moving away for a pedicure.   Of course I said yes and since she had a little sister the littles asked if they could take their friend so it was a fun day at CoCoK's with 5 little girls getting their nails done.  One funny thing is right as we walked in Molly took out her money and went to the counter to pay because she was so excited and couldn't wait until the end. We have officially survived one year at school and to distract from PCS season we are on a tour of Europe to see family and friends. 
Molly ran over 100 miles at school this year!

Taking a break from teaching at one of many chaplain lead events for the month.

Family fun and geocaching

Big girls choosing their nail design

Little girls loving the attention

Getting a little wiggly

The finished product

Sushi go round for a girls night out

One last 100 yen store visit with our buddies

Kinder graduation!!

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