Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial day getaway

For Memorial Day we planned a 24 hour getaway with some friends.  Between work, life and school Jon is in we decided a short trip away from regular life would be a great break from life and a time to reconnect as a family.  We found an island while geocaching one day and so I looked it up on priceline and found a hotel and thought - why not!  The hotel had a petting zoo, dog park, park, pool, beach, indoor play area and ping pong table.  We had some friends join us and headed out after church on a rainy day but there were enough things to do inside to keep us all entertained.  After a long night of gaming and snacking we started out the next day with beautiful weather and the pool.  Once we checked out we started our geocaching adventure with lots of stops at parks, beaches and random one lane roads.  So glad we were able to get away as a family with just hang out!
Practicing for BUNCO!

A hotel play room - perfect for a rainy afternoon

Ping Pong room next door - bring it on!

Japanese hotels are the best

 A raised seated area that turns into a bed for the kids later

A sunflower park!

Rainy day walk

Checking out the petting zoo!

Car driving track for the kids

6 kids can fit in one tiny car

Exploring the beach near the hotel

Posed bed picture - pre game night at our friends

Gaming - Pandemic, Settlers of Catan and 5 Crowns.

Kids watched movies and ate while the adults played

Breakfast! Salad, seaweed and SUGAR. - ok mainly the sugar for these ones

Jumping into the pool with friends!

So glad the weather cleared up

Group picture before our geocaching adventures begin

One kid is still hiding but this is the gang

Felt like I was back in TN seeing this while driving around. 

No one was injured during the finding of this geocache

Kids played while we hunted for the geocache.  They were successful we were not

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