Monday, May 25, 2015

Plays, Pals and Pools

Pictures from the past few weeks - we have said goodbye to some awesome UMT members, played in the pools and braved the mall with the girls!
Everyone having a birthday means its time for that yearly check up.  Only 1 had to get shots

The biggest singing in a mother's day presentation

Saying goodbye to an awesome member of the UMT

Jon and the 1-1 UMT

Mother's Day getaway with a friend

Came home to a clean house and happy family so we had smores!

Girls modeling their new sun hats

First Japanese pool of the season


Last year she was too little but not this year!

She didn't need a parent to help her this year!

Saying goodbye to 1/2 our AWANA leaders do to PCS had a blast with them this year

Littlest is convinced she doesn't need a nap - too bad she fell asleep when I made her sit for 2 minutes.

Scooter riding as a family

No face b/c she didn't want her picture

Look at me!!

Last of 18 quilts - this one is for the principal

Celebrating 12 years of marriage!!!
Jon - coin jar with the world - shows that we have learned money management over the many years and that we have had the privilege of traveling the world together.
Ashley - adjustable tool set  - shows that we have been able to get the tools to make the adjustments in our marriage to make it last

Braving the mall with the girls for the first time. 

Photo booth  they loved it!

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