Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Last few weeks

These past few weeks we have been having fun finding local parks.  When we were not doing that we were on quarantine between pink eyes for all 3 girls and me messing up my back and not being able to do much. 

I love roller slides

one little girl couldn't make it over the steps

Geocaching with awesome parks

that is one serious plaque

Can't get enough time with our "army cousins"

Got to be in a local magazine representing Army families here

Slumber Parties!!

Pool time with buddies

Lockdown day 3 - water color in the bathroom

They had fun and it was only a little crazy to clean up

One of the last story times for AWANA this year

So of course we let kids climb out the window

Friend broke the couch - so she made me this!!


Beach night picnic

Molly's kindergarten class quilts started

Zoo with friends

Having fun on the carousel

Watching the Hippos

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