Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cousins, Camp and Castles!!!!

This past week was a week of hanging out with cousins, visiting castles, going to camp and having fun.  The "big kids" got to go to camp this past week and during camp they played games, did crafts, went on a field trip to an amusement park and very nicely told us moms to NOT pick them up early because they didn't want to leave.  Meredith and the "little ones" did a few day trips and we signed them up for 2 days of hourly care - aka camp.  We have eaten  Belgium waffles, tons of chocolate and even be able to see a few historical sites.  Today's adventure was Eftling - the Netherlands version of a fairy tales amusement park.  It was AWESOME!!!!!  The lines were not to long, the fairy tales were not just the few we are used to and they did not have many restrictions on the rides so we all got to ride them together.   One tale we got to see a "show" of was The Emperors New Clothes were they had a very large unsightly mannequin parade in front of you in nothing but his birthday suit - yep no clothes (that was fun to explain). 
Please note the pictures did not upload in any order and I am to tired to go through and fight to rearrange them.  

Brad and I with our kids in the Grand Place

Standing in a very old mall

The littles on a day trip with the moms - only a little bit of whining

Carppacio - otherwise known as thinly sliced raw meat that you will be sad you ordered over Brushetta 

Littles at one of our park adventures


Hanging out and trying to translate the French and Dutch WW 1 facts



Uncle Brad trying to herd the cats for a chocolate photo

World Fair site

Littles crashed after another adventure with the moms

Luxury resort - or just girls playing in the bathtub at home

Belgium waffle on a kid free day so I got to eat the whole thing!!!

The awesome stroller at Eftling


Nephews geocaching -one was disappointed by the "treasure"

Meredith and I on a kid free day to Lille France

Camping in the house because well they are little and who wants to move things at 10pm when the start to cry its cold

Madonna and child on our day trip to \Brugg

Eftling - Kelly had left her stroller to get away from the troll in the tree

sleepy and not willing to let go of her chocolate

Father's day away from daddy - It was all good until one realized we didn't get to see him.

My sister in law even got to geocache with me.

Day trip to Antwerp - all little peoples legs stopped functioning this day.

Shopping before a park lunch.  Everyone got their own cart - oh and legs worked this day.

Rides at Eftling - Uncle Brad having fun while others watched on.

Girls at the old mall!
The girls at Eftling in their matching outfits

Watch out crazy drivers.
They might have stopped the ride after I encourage my nephew to drive like a maniac - whoops.

6 wide on a ride - why not?

Dinner time fun

Sure this is safe for all sized kids!

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