Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Can I blame jet lag and typhoons??

So my last update was in June but a lot has happened since then.  The first few days I could blame it on jet lag then the next few days it was a typhoon oh and our computer crashed and I didn't have things loaded on our new one and then summer just flew by and it has been 2 months since my last post - sorry.  So today while the girls pull out every toy we have in the house I will sit here surrounded by typhoon McP waiting on this weekends real typhoon and update the blog.
Our last week in Europe was so fun we played with our cousins, took a day trip to go visit Aunt Jenn and her doggies and just relaxing and being around family. 
The girls were so excited to see Aunt Jenn and where their new baby cousin would be sleeping.  We even tried to throw a little baby shower for her and brought balloons and hello kitty plates to use while we were at her house.  The girls loved getting to see more family while we were on our trip. 
On our last day we went to Ikea to spend a few hours before our flight out - man that store is fun and the meatballs are awesome.  Since it has been over a month I can say our flight home wasn't too bad - I don't even get that twitch when I think about the time our flight changed gate 3 times between 1-3am each time to a new terminal and the wonderful staff kept trying to tell me I missed our delayed flight.  I may or may not have said forget it I will try to find someone who knows what they are doing not some idiot who is just looking at my ticket which has the wrong info - and then had to talk to the girls saying what mommy did was not nice even if I was tired and frustrated.
After we got home we had a day or 2 to recover before we got locked down for a typhoon.  Since then we have participated in 2 VBS, started gymnastics, run a 5K, welcomed Jon home, played at the beach, played at the pool and celebrated my birthday!~
Cousins at the park

Waiting to see Aunt Jenn!

Hanging with Aunt Jenn and her doggies

Lucky and Rex - the girls did good with their dog cousins

Water fun since there was a heat wave

Hiking and adventuring with Aunt Ashley

Making Granny Head cake on our last night


World Travelers - croissants at 3am in Qatar

Getting over jet lag with lots of playground time

Typhoon fun - crayon lip gloss

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