Friday, August 21, 2015

Just add water

My motto recently has been - just add water!  Since we live on a tiny island it tends to be pretty easy we go to the beach, play in our daily rainstorm, set up the pool in the back yard or go to the pool.  It seems everything we do is around the water.  We have only had one broken arm on my watch this summer and that was actually when there was not water.
For the social I ordered the lanterns that I saw in the move Tangled
We did this at the beach just in case they caught fire - which some did.

It was so fun to see a few actually work

Playing with our friends

playing in the backyard

It started raining and the kids kept playing - I told them it was like the waterfall at a water park

So this is what happens when there is no water at the park to play with - they jump off the slides and break things.

Started gymnastics - she is in a class with all boys

Jon had a 4 day so we took him to the mall.
Molly wanted him to go with her so bad and I told her he would never go on a weekend

Eating outside while its raining b/c Jon and Molly chose our seating

Molly also got to start gymnastics and she was so excited to go on the balance beam

A cake to say sorry to my friend since her son broke his arm on my watch

$10 for a small watermelon was worth it to had a seed spitting contest

The girls taking their babies on adventure walks

I funny!

Love these girls and their sense of humor!

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