Saturday, June 20, 2015

McP girls take on Europe

Earlier this year we realized that Jon would be traveling a lot this summer and I got the itch to travel so we talked about me going and visiting family.  We are lucky enough to have family all over the world and I thought why not take advantage of the passports we have and visit those in Europe.  After a little talking and convincing Jon said go for it if you think you can handle the girls - why not!  So I called up my brother and asked if we could crash with them for a few weeks and use them as a home base since Jon has a sister here and we know lots of friends.  With all the big decisions made I booked tickets for Brussels which is actually cheaper than going back to America and am spending the summer traveling with the girls.  We landed and spent one day with my brothers family and then got on a train and went to visit friends in Germany for a week.  Oh and we convinced some other friends to come here since this is a mid point between America and Japan!!!!  We had a week reunion of laughing, playing and staying up super late just to chat.  Yesterday we got back on the train and are back with my brother and his family and today we start our adventures in Brussels.
Saying good bye to daddy for the summer

Traveling with my little friends!

Cousins have Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the basement!!

Relaxing with family before we train to Germany

On the road again!

Seeing friends - one came by on her way to the Ball

Picking up Tina

Just like AK - ladies and littles why the guys are away!!

Water fun!!

Me going a little crazy because fruit is so cheap!!!!


Tea time

Kids playing

Girls vs. Boys

Picnic with lots of friends

a swing at Kaiserslatern

the inside

Park time

Dino park

Best 2 euro spent - all the kids entertained

Group pic at the dino park

Geocache in Germany

Girls and I visiting where Jon and I did our ATS outreach 11 years ago

Selfie tmie

Hanging with the boys

Train ride up the mountain


Train ride down

World's largest coo coo clock

walking back from the metro

kinder egg

schnitzel while eating outside on a patio

train ride back to family

relaxing with cousins - boys have been held down for make up and now one got nails painted.
Girls out number the boys!

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