Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Super Bowl and Sickeness

This past few weeks we celebrated the Super Bowl and suffered through sickness.  The original plan was to gather with friends to watch the Super Bowl and eat lots of fun food instead we spent the day secluded from the outside world and eating a little bit of food.   Molly has had a pretty interesting few days starting with slamming her fingers in the car door then falling off the bunk bed and ending the streak with fifths disease (also known as Slapped Face Disease)
Once we could hang with the outside world we took our girls to the ever popular Fight Night where Jon showed the girls how to cheer for friends in whatever they do.
And as always a few matching outfits because the girls dress themselves and feel they must match in some way!
She might not feel good but she did have to accessorize.

Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots!!!!

Fight Night

Matching Outfits with swim caps - they are hillarious

100 year old Molly for 100th day of school.

Molly's Valentines to her class mates - silly putty.

Valentine Date night with the family!

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