Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cherry Blossom Festival

This year we went to Mt. Nakajin for the cherry blossom festival.  The girls picked out matching outfits and even asked me if I would wear a polka dot shirt to match.  Unfortunately I did not have a polka dot shirt so they settled for my pink pull over.  It was pretty cold so I grabbed a vest just in case and well my matching crew all grabbed one also.  Somehow they couldn't get Jon to join in the matching fun - but he was still allowed to come.   Once we arrive at Mt. Nakajin we started the hike to the castle ruins - but not with a lot of stops for pictures.  The girls love getting pictures taken and regularly pose saying take my picture, or as Kelly screams "cheese me!!!"  The festival was beautiful and we enjoyed walking the castle ruins and looking at the trees in full bloom.  This site also does a night time illumination but we did not stay that long.
"cheese me!"

"Mom take my picture with the ice cream"
Couldn't pass this up since smiling face and looking at the camera are rare with this one.

Fun cut outs

The double faced queen

Cherry Blossom

Why not take bridal portraits in the middle of a busy festival!

Trees lining the stairs

This is fun!

No ice cream cone - so no smiles

I love my daddy's back

I have never said I was good at taking pictures but this was my attempt to get a good picture of the beautiful blossoms

Me and the girls

Tried an artistic approach - yep I'll stick with good old goofy shots!

Just take the picture mom!

Cheese me already!


Riley took a picture of us while we watched the sunset.

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