Thursday, February 5, 2015

2015 - The year of . . .

So one of my original resolutions was to update the blog weekly.  Well its now Feb and I am on my second entry of the year.  Let's hope this gets better throughout the year.
Last years resolution - invite a new family over for dinner each month, write a personal note monthly, stick to a budget and read the bible.  I was able to accomplish 3 of those 4 last year. 
Since the year has started Jon and I have both done a little crafting, Riley has learned to write her name and we have had some fun family fun.
Coco's nail time with my Bunco Babe Friends

The cornhole board getting its Green and Gold

Making growth chart rulers

That was fun!

Riley made a giraffe with daddy.
Once she explained it to me I totally saw it.

Jon sporting his Bali shirt to preach at Torii Chapel

Life is always more fun with friends.

Loving the roller slides

Sleeping Beauty crashed!

First time to write her name on her own!!!!

Nightly ritual - Daddy carry me, No me, No me.
Ok girls come here.

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