Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ash Wednesday

Today we celebrated Ash Wednesday as a family.  Once Jon got home from work we ate dinner and then explained about what Ash Wednesday was.  Jon told the girls they would get a piece of paper where they could write down or draw something that they have done that might have made Jesus sad.  After everyone had finished we took it out to our fire pit and then placed our papers in and asked God to forgive us.  Then Jon set it on fire and with the ashes we made crosses on our foreheads. 
Molly drew a picture of an incident that happened a few days ago when I sent her to her room.

Burning our papers

Drawing the cross on everyone's head

Molly liked the process

Kelly also liked it

For some reason Molly felt the need to hold Riley.
We had to explain that the girls could choose if they wanted the ashes or not

This was the best shot she would give me

Molly and Kelly gave Jon his cross

Riley gave me mine

Molly took a family shot for us

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