Saturday, March 30, 2013

Officially Homeless

These past few weeks have been a blur of activity, preparing our house for the packers then the final inspection from the property managers, selling the truck and van and saying our final goodbyes to all our Fayetteville friends.  Many days I had to wake the girls up and we would be on the move until 9pm at night in order to get all our playdates (or playdoughs as Molly called them) and dinner dates in.  It is hard to believe that about 50 days ago we heard we were moving to Japan and now we sit with the bags on our back at my parents house getting ready for our last 2 weeks in America.
Top 10 of Fayetteville NC (in no order)
1. Our neighbors
2. PWOC  
3. Chapel Next / AWANA
4. Coffee groups
5. 5-73
6. Reilly Road Presbyterian Christian Church Preschool
7.Sweet Frog
8. Fascinate U
9. Paraclete
10. Shopping - this is thrown in for Molly who towards the end was crying that she needed to go shopping.  Hoping that the 100 yen stores I have heard about exist in Okinawa

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