Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Birthday Bash 2013 - Rainbow Party

Last year I never got around to having a birthday for Molly or Riley, I was a little overwhelmed with an upcoming birth of Kelly and kept putting things off until it was easier just to not have a party.  Well this year I went back to my party idea for last year - Rainbow Party and now I had one more color covered!  I won't always do combined parties but some years we will.  It was fun to have so many friends over and just have a big bash for birthday and also getting to say goodbye to some friends before we head out to Okinawa.  We invited friends and family and many were able to come.  One fun story, my parents were helping my brother Brad's family last week and on their flight home there were some issues and they got free ticket vouchers so my mom was able to come for the weekend unexpectedly.  And lets just say it was nice to have her since she did all lot of party prep for me especially since Jon got to be in the field Thursday and Sunday.  She also got to watch the girls while I went to the doctor the day of the party.  The girls loved the party and then having Granny around for the weekend.  It is fun to watch their personalities bloom.
I am doing a bible study in PWOC titled Not Like Me by Michael Bryant and one of the chapter titles is Bounce Houses in the neighborhood and peppermint filled pinatas.  In these chapters he talks about relationships with friends and neighbors and loving all those in your life.  He also talks about not going cheap on everything but spending a little to make things nice.  Well MWR rents bounce houses for the weekend for a reasonable price - but note to self when you get the bounce house for the weekend for the same price as others in town get it for 4 hours know there is a catch.  Putting up the bounce house wasn't too bad but getting it back in the truck was rough!!  Over 200 lbs of dead weight with Jon and I while my mom watched the girls.  We made it but there were a few rough moments.   Also we had homemade pinatas that everyone had a blast breaking open and the candy which was not peppermints but man those are super cheap!!!
Princess bounce house - a lot of fun!!

the birthday rainbow cake

blowing out the candles

Rainbow family

Party food

Party Friends!

Birthday girls ready for some fun!!

Airborne!! A little something to include daddy.

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