Sunday, March 10, 2013


Yesterday was a beautiful day and we decided the girls should play outside for a little while.  Our neighbor also came outside with her new kite and Molly then needed a kite.  The neighbors were nice enough to share the kite yesterday - so we spent a few hours flying kites.  Today was another beautiful day and the kite came out again and Molly decided she needed one, so she made one.  One proud frugal mommy here - even though it was a little rag tag it was awesome that she made it on her own.  She found a piece of paper, jump rope and streamers from the party and whala a perfectly good kite. But she still wants to make sure she gets one in Okinawa - which she was promised since I won't buy one 10 days before the movers come.
Molly's kite next to M's

Flying a kite

3 cooks in the kitchen - just for fun

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