Thursday, March 21, 2013

Moving Days

The movers have come and taken almost all of our stuff away and now for the next few months we live off of things borrowed from friends and 5 duffel bags worth of our stuff.  It was a 2 day process for them to take our stuff.  The first day was everything going into storage for the next few years.  While we did get rid of a lot of stuff there were some things I just couldn't part with I know when we go through this stuff in a few years we will wonder what I was thinking:)  The next day was the going to Oki stuff and once that was all gone it really hit us that we are moving halfway across the world for the next stage of our adventure marathon!! 
The packing days would not have been successful without the help of our Army family and friends.  Seriously, there are no words for the amazing families that God has put in our life.  Erika and Tina watched the girls for the better part of Monday - Wednesday so I could get some last minute organizing done and so the girls didn't have to be part of the chaos of packers.  We have had dinner with friends every night and even had breakfast brought over so I didn't have to use my awesome pot and cookie sheet that I saved out to feed my family.  Lunches have been fun playdates with friends and getting to eat at restaurants we don't think we will see for a few years.  We have about a week left in this awesome place and intend to soak up as much time with friends before we head up to DC and spend our few days with parents. 
*Side note- usually when moving with the military you keep your air mattress and live off that, well we are moving overseas so we can't even do that.  SO we have a pack n play from one friend, an air mattress, blanket and pillows from another and a air mattress frame from another.  All the joys of generous friends who are willing to share their things for 2 weeks!!
Packers day PJ - a new tradition to make the day happier

whoops - she isn't supposed to be packed in the boxes.  Good save

It is hard work having your parents undivided attention - oh wait they let me get packed.
Jon - maxed out.  He had a hard time sitting back and watching.
I however pulled out my phone and watched a few episodes on Netflix to stay out of the way
Put it all in the bathtub so they don't pack it

overflow.  Nice packers asked about the diaper bag and diapers laying around.  WISE MAN!!
Our eating arrangements for the next few days
Packers gone and able to empty the bathroom into some "order".
Notice my awesome 31 bag double utility tote!!  It works great!!! Portable laundry hamper:)

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