Monday, February 27, 2012

Not so high flying adventure

Molly has said she wanted to "fly" which is indoor skydiving for her birthday for months after she saw Jon's parents, our friend Tina and I all do this fun activity. We asked over and over and she insisted she wanted to and even talked about flying when she saw the billboard. Jon and I agreed that when she turned 3 we would let her try and she remembered. She woke up saying I 3 I fly over and over and over. So we purchased the buddy plan so Jon and Molly could fly, get a shirt and get a dvd of the whole experience. When we pulled up to Paraclete she was so excited but slowly that excitement turned into fear and in the end she decided she would rather not fly. Jon, her gracious buddy didn't want to pressure her - so mommy to the rescue who came and gave the pep talk of a lifetime (ie don't ask for anymore crazy things like this if you don't go through) but reminded her I loved her no matter what. There was much discussion between Jon and I but in the end he had the best argument - she is three not a teenager with the capacity to fully understand what she wanted. So we rescheduled for a few months from now and will try again because the next day she said she was ready to fly again:)
Excited but cautious

Starting to really think about what she is doing - she was very quite once we got the outfit on and that is when I started to worry.
Getting her ear plugs like daddy
And it all went downhill from the goggles
The crying stopped but when asked if she wanted to fly the answer was no longer yes.
The instructor was very gracious and let us walk her in to see if she might change her mind but she kept saying no and he recommended we reschedule because he wouldn't force a kid into the tunnel.
Our birthday dinner for an amazing girl! I love that she has an adventurous spirit but is also willing to say no when she isn't comfortable (even if mommy tries to pressure her). She brings us so much joy and I am thankful every day that God gave Jon and I the pleasure of being her parents!
Her sister didn't want to be left out of the action - she loved her dinner too!! One nice thing about the skydiving place is that many of the instructors are awesome with kids. While Riley and I were watching one was in the tunnel practicing and would come close to her and put his hand up for a high five and when she touched it he would zoom up to the top of the tunnel like she had pushed he super hard. This brought a smile to her face and she loved seeing all the cool moves he would do in the tunnel. I am pretty sure if her sister had gone in she would have been screaming to join her!


Mandy said...

maybe Molly was holding off so Riley wouldn't feel left out :) - just being a kind big sister - lol. I am impressed she even went as far as she did - that's awesome! - it's farther than I probably would get. and way to go Mom and Dad for feeling it out and letting her try. I think she's got some amazing parents :)

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