Wednesday, February 1, 2012

McCrafty or McFailure?

While I don't have a pinterst account I have gotten some ideas off the site. January has been a month of trying new things - I took up and put down crocheting (ask my mom about her awesome dish rag), trying to celebrate normally uncelebrated holidays like Valentines day all while sticking with our Dave Ramsey budget!! Some crafts turned out and others not so much - but you never know if you don't try right?
Valentine's day head bands - total cost $2.97. As Molly looks at the picture she is letting me know that Riley is crying and of course they were itchy and they hated them. The headbands made it about 1 hour before I gave up the fight.

Guess which one cost $35 and which one cost $3.50? Yes I have now made a wet bag since our JoAnn's carries diaper material. I really didn't want the pink material but it was that or dinosaurs or dark blue - I know we are not having a boy so I figured I might as well resolve for the pink but seriously wish they carried RED or even solid black.
For $2 I attempted to copy a wreath I found online but well when you buy cheap things happen like the splitting of the glass as you hang it from the door. Also the "neon" sweethearts at the Dollar Store were a little less than neon in my opinion but it now proudly sits outside our door welcoming all our many guests!
And last but not least - Homemade chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles!! This was the one thing that turned out AWESOME (thanks Gloria).

All in all we are ready for Feb be it not as many decorations as first thought out but hey I am only out less than $5 and the wet bag worked so that is good!!

Hope you are having a great Feb 1!!


Mandy said...

Mariah is telling me that Riley is crying as I read :). Love the projects and can relate to good ones and bad ones on a budget but hey at least you didn't spend a ton and them not turn out. I have been attempting V-Day decor lately too :)

Glo said...

I can feel the love, Ashley! Even though she's crying, Riley still looks cute. And don't you love it that Mols can tell you how she feels about the headbands with WORDS?! Did you love the noodles?