Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friends, Family and the FUNK

We have visited family and friends since our last post and every single one of us has had the FUNK in one form or another. Riley and Molly both had pink eye, Ashley had strep and Jon (didn't get diagnosed) had the crud and all round nasty funk. We have played with our friends which make each day brighter and better. Also we made a trip up to MD to hang out with my mom who desperately needed a diet coke, while there the McP's came and took the girls to the cabin in WV for the weekend. It was nice to get to play games and hang out with my mom kid free and know the girls were having a blast being spoiled by their other grandparents, Aunt Jenn and Lucky the dog.
I decided this morning it was time for a new picture - well they did not agree. Molly let me know that it was itchy and Riley didn't want to take a photo:)
We got to hang out with the Morken boys at the park and at the house this week. The boys killed zombie pigs while Molly ran around with her baby doll (and Riley napped).
We made valentine cookies
Molly dipped her cookie in the frosting

Will decorated his cookies before eating
Spencer just ate the frosting

This was Riley full swing with her funk - that is the day I decided to take her to the doctor. 15 min at the KinderMender and we were done which was a shock for me because on post it takes at least 2 hours between the doctor and getting the medicine. Don't worry though the crud in the eye did not make Riley stop smiling as long as she was being touched she was a happy kid - just ask her NeNe who was not allowed to put her down all weekend.
Granny and BertBurt brought out some toys and their typewriter from college for the girls to play with.
Riley just wants to be like her BertBurt
Molly loved the typewriter - she spent much time there typing and playing.
Riley the secretary liked to rearrange her sister's typing's.

A tea party with Granny.

The trip to MD was great for all, the girls got time with each of their grandparents and were completely spoiled.
But they were both very excited to come home to their daddy.
Just a fun shot of Riley post dinner one night.

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The McPs put the FUN in FUNK!