Friday, February 24, 2012

Birthday's and Dancing

In the coming weeks we will celebrate 2 birthday's! Riley turns 1 and Molly 3 (and a few weeks later Kelly comes into the world). We are planning on doing a joint party for the girls during the day - mainly a playdate with some friends and Jon is super excited about the theme!! My parents were able to come down for the President's day long weekend and so we had a mini celebration with just them also. Today we got presents from Great Grandma Rumbaugh and from NeNe,PaPa and Aunt Jenn so tonight since Molly wasn't feeling too good we let her open her presents. Let's just say Molly's favorite thing was the m&m's great grandma got her and the princess bag that NeNe, PaPa and Aunt Jenn had their presents in - it is the small things in life:)
Riley is starting to get where she can walk holding your hand and onto furniture but has yet to take her first stop by herself. I know it is coming and once it does it should be fun trying to keep up. She loves her sister and would follow Molly anywhere just to play with her.
Molly has a growing love with all things girly - she likes to play baby, dress up and loves princesses. She even manages to find happiness when playing with boys and turning their buzz and woody into her baby dolls. At least she likes to run too so maybe later we will have some sort of sports in our life because there will be no toddler and tiara (as I joke with Jon sometimes).

Molly in her dress up from Granny and BertBurt - notice the Buzz Lightyear pj's to accessorize
So happy - a purse!!! Yep most excited about the purse but then put on a fashion show of the other goods:)
Just give me the food people!!
Molly and BertBurt enjoying a dinner of appetizers followed by cake!
I love me some cake!!
Holding onto her cards - she saw the doggy on the front of Aunt Jenn and Lucky's card and started yelling Lucky Lucky Lucky - I think she loves her dog cousin!
Molly with her loot and Riley's (which she has to wait until at least the right month to open)

Here are the video's of Riley showing you her dancing moves and Molly telling you what she will be doing for her birthday tomorrow.


Mandy said...

love all the girlness :)!

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