Sunday, November 27, 2011


Thanksgiving this year Nene, Papa, Aunt Jenn and Lucky came to visit. We had the big meal with some Army family - the Sieg's and Morken's and everyone enjoyed hanging out, talking and watching come football. Molly and Riley got thoroughly spoiled and loved every minute of it. Jon and I had talked about seeing if they would try indoor skydiving as a joke and threw out the idea and they said YES!! So Black Friday instead of shopping we went to the park, bowling and then watched them fly. We found out the age limit is 3 so I have decided for Molly's 3rd b-day that is what she is going to get to do since she said she wanted to fly. Jon is a little more leery but I think he will see the light:) We also fired up the fire pit and had some smores and heard some funny stories from when Jon and Jenn were growing up - some that his parents heard for the first time. I really hope that Molly and Riley don't do some of the things he and Jenn were joking about around the fire but I guess siblings have to do something to bond them.
Molly eating her marshmallow with Nene and Papa

Riley eying Aunt Jenn's
Riley loves graham crackers!!

Molly acting like a big kid in her chair all by herself - one of the rare moments she was not in someone' lap
Riley demonstrating how to fly in the wind tunnel
The instructors having some fun
Getting ready to fly!! I couldn't figure out the flash so I don't have any good pictures of them flying but they did awesome.

Riley giving Nene some pointers for bowling
Molly loved bowling with her helping hand

The park! It was beautiful weather so we had to spend some time outside
Diet coke bottle and a lap - could life get any better?
Molly pointing out something to her captive audience
Breakfast was fun b/c we all got to talk about the fun we had the day before
Molly sharing Papa and Nene's coffee in her teacup

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