Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Newest Addition

With the arrival of a new McP June 2012 we found out we couldn't put 3 car seats in the back of the CRV, so after talking to some older and wiser people and prayer we went van shopping. Since 2012 is fast approaching car lots are trying to get rid of 2011's so after a major discount, a great trade in for the CRV and many hours in a car dealership we are now proud owners of a Swagger Wagon aka Sienna mini-van.
Molly loves the new van because she can push the button to close Riley's door and then go and open her door so I can buckle her in. I hope she, Riley and baby X love it because it will probably be what they end up learning to drive in since we won't be getting another car for a long time.
AND - Jon bought us a smore maker. He needed to spend $7 on an Amazon order to get free shipping and this was our surprise:) It works and is fun but I am still holding out for a fire pit so we can actually toast marshmallows not melt them.
Molly enjoying her treat
Not to be left out Riley got some graham cracker and chocolate.

Just in case you are wondering YES I did just casually announce we are going to be having a new baby in the family - arriving June 2012. With the loss of 2 babies we know God is in control and can't wait to see all that He has in store for us as a family of 5.


Mandy said...

I am soooo very excited to hear about your new addition! praying blessing upon blessing on your family of 5!

the sealey family said...

congrats on the new baby!

Natalie Ward said...

WHAT??? Congrats!! That is really awesome!