Friday, November 11, 2011


My parents unloaded our Christmas present today and needed to know where to put the wood. This was my give away that we got the fire pit - so I said just set it up in the backyard and we can have smores tonight!! Some in the house (Jon) have strong feelings about waiting but some others (ME) don't wait very well. My grandaddy Key had a tradition of opening one present on Christmas eve so this year I will be making a fire that night since I got to open this one tonight. Smores were enjoyed by all and now I can have smore parties!! If you live near Fayetteville feel free to stop by because more than likely I will keep the supplies on hand and it won't take much for me to start up the fire!!!
I busted out our special day plate b/c it is in honor of Christmas so we are celebrating Jesus birthday just one month and 14 days early. He is worth celebrating every day so why not!!!!
Fire starter that had a purchase date of 1997 (Jon and I were both in high school then) - some doubted it but it but it actually saved the fire)

McP family around the fire in our new camp chairs and extending marshmallow roasters
Granny and Riley enjoying the view
Riley watching the roasting and now understanding why it is not in her mouth!!
Don't worry I think Molly ate at least 5 marshmallow's b/c she would just go back to the bag and pull one out - she only wanted one in the fire
BertBurt and Granny with the girls
We all pulled out our fun hats for the night and enjoyed some time around the fire!!