Friday, December 23, 2011

Blog by pictures

You might have noticed a shortage of posts recently. Well the camera has disappeared - my secretary likes to move things when I leave them on the computer table. She has yet to be able to communicate where she placed it, or I might have lost it on my own but I really think my secretary moved it since it isn't anywhere I normally put it. That being said I realized yesterday there were no December posts even though we have done some fun things and I realized that I blog by pictures - kind of like paint by numbers. Without pictures I have no motivation to write things b/c really I love looking at pictures and the stories that go with them.
However each year we print out our blog into a hardback book so for future reference I am going to do a timeline just so I can look back in 10 years and laugh:) If you are like me at this point you might get bored and decide to look for another blog on the sidebar that is more interesting - I give you full permission!!
*I got to go the Dr. and hear the heartbeat and baby #3
*Riley went to the Dr. and hadn't gained any weight - after a consult with Dr. DeLeon my college roommate to verify what the other Dr. tried to say we started doing everything we could to plump her up b/c if you don't gain weight, you don't grow tall and then your brain gets effected so say the experts. 2 weeks later at a follow-up Riley had gained 2 lbs and grown 1/2 inch we are now back to a normal diet and not a super fat diet. But I am thankful to get to consult a friend who I trust (I know all doctors care but there is something about actually knowing this person and seeing their kids that make them a bit more trustworthy)
*Molly has had tons of playdates with her friends - right now there is a group of us who get along and all like to try and make things. So we get together and hang out and get ideas from each other like making shirt dresses which I am still working myself up to. Each of us has a 2 yr old and then we all have at least 1 more who is older/younger so they all get along!! The last one was at Monkey Joes and for 2 hours straight they jumped and laughed and let the moms mostly alone:)
*We went to Charlotte for a Single Soldier Strong Bond Retreat. Jon got to teach them on being men of character. On the last day they took a field trip to a cemetery and Jon said it was a really great time. The girls and I came with him, we would stay for the first few minutes when they would play minute to win it games and watch a Tim Hawkins clip and then we would go to the pool where Molly made a friend who met us there 2 other times. We loved getting the best of all worlds - getting to see Jon but also giving him some time to hang out with his soldiers while Molly and was playing in the pool. I also hear he did an exercise where he tore into one of the soldiers (which was staged) and they both responded badly and he ended up kicking the guy out. Right as he had 2 other soldiers kick him out of the room he let everyone know it was staged and they discussed how both parties had acted poorly but in the end you are only responsible for your response. They talked about responding when the people in leadership over you are unfair and how to respond when you are the leader with a subordinate acting poorly.
*Tomorrow we have Christmas eve service and I learned my lesson. I volunteered Jon to be part of a play for the service and they said right after that wouldn't it be great if Joseph and Mary where a married couple so they could practice their lines at home - so we are now both in the play.

For Christmas we might be shopping for a new camera if I can't find it by tonight!!! Luckily we have some Christmas money for such a thing:)

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