Friday, December 23, 2011

Xmas lights

First I need to publicly apologize to my secretary - the camera was found in the carrier tonight. I guess I have not taken a hike since Nov and it has stayed buried away for the past month with me not believing that its whereabouts were not hidden by my faithful helper.

Tonight we dressed up in our Christmas PJ's (Riley is wearing Molly's from last year b/c I got lazy and never finished hers) and went to what I thought would be a drive through Festival of Lights. After driving 1 hour we pulled up and noticed lots of people out of their cars and then no way for a car to drive through the lights. That is when I realized it was not a drive through!! The reason it is free is because you park your car then have to get out and go pay to ride their train through the light show. I stood in line to buy the tickets and after a few minutes Jon came back and pointed to the line that had at least 200 people in it and said at 8pm do we want to wait for all those people with Molly and Riley?? So we skipped the train, carousel and santa and went straight to the candy! Molly got a pack of m&m's and was happy - with a promise of course to go see the trains at Barnes and Nobles tomorrow and ride the carousel at the mall instead of waiting in the crazy lines.

Yes this is what we left the house in
All the girls had pigtails - only slightly embarrassing when getting out of the car. Of course Molly had to pee really bad and we didn't know where the port-o-jon's were so we busted out our training toilet next to the van to complete the redneck look!
Jon lucked out since I didn't ask him to wear his pj's - I think it would have been a lot more embarrassing if he had them on (for all of us)!!

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Mandy said...

welcome back camera :).... our matching set of PJs disappeared so last night the girls didn't both get to wear theirs to look at lights however it was my "secretary" :). Merry Christmas friends! I have thought of your lights story and Christmas play fun several times and smiled thinking how I missed you