Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Last Week

This past week Jon got to go to Gettysburg for some military training and my mom came down to visit. My mom and I drove to Augusta, GA to visit her sister and family (all the pictures are on her camera and I forgot to download them before she left so no pictures in this blog - sorry). We met my aunt, uncle and cousin Stephanie at Cracker Barrel. After lunch we went back and Molly got to play with my cousins Little People while I took a nap. That night most of the family got together just to hang out and eat , Molly enjoyed eating and playing with Lanie her second cousin. The next day we got to see Stephanie's house and Molly decided to raid her pantry and has a new favorite - Townhouse Fliptz which is 1/2 cracker 1/2 pretzel.
This weekend Jon and I have seen the power of 4 days influence with Granny. While at a picnic Molly picked up napkin and started wiping down the benches and ground and at home she found a onesie and started to clean the bathtub. Not that I don't clean but she was a little more exposed to continuous cleaning with Granny around and I guess she likes it. Let's hope it sticks because I would gladly give her chores if I thought it would make her happy:)
Since Jon got home it has been picnic central here. We had his brigade picnic, chaplain picnic and Rock the Fort. We have spent more time outdoors in the past 2 days than most of the summer and boy was it HOT. We have brought home a very dirty, tired and cranky girl each night too.

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Stephanie said...

This is SOOO how Abby is bought us one of those little swiffer vacuum things and Abby vacuums the kitchen and living room at least once/'s pretty awesome!