Monday, October 4, 2010

Molly is a GIRL!

I know we found this out 2 years ago in an ultrasound but Molly is making it clear to us everyday how much of a girl she is. She has started to show an opinion in what she wears, throws and occasional tantrum, has her daddy wrapped around her finger and of course loves to apply chapstick.
The outfit she chose today with her white shoes but at least they are a matching pair.
Sunday once we got home I took off her Sunday shoes which she had no choice in what she wore and she had these on in a matter of minutes. At least later in life if she can't dance we have proof she has two left feet??
Daddy couldn't handle her tears after her nap Sunday so he took her on a bike ride.
Do you think she liked it?
A new nightly routine - once daddy gets home she plays in the truck for about an hour. Driving, climbing in the seats and her favorite the playpen (aka bed of the truck)
Watch out world crazy driver.
OK I'm done.


Natalie Ward said...

I love the one of her looking out of the window... SO cute

Mandy said...

she's getting so big :) love seeing all her precious personality