Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Decorated House

One great thing about living 7 hours from family - they can come and visit. The McPherson's came the week our household goods came and helped us unpack all the boxes!! Well once they left we have maintained a house with one room piled with all our decorations waiting for us to take the time to put them up. This weekend my parents came and took care of the second step of the process. The walls have stuff on them now, the baseboards were cleaned by BertBurt and Molly, a mouse was cleaned out from behind the fridge and I now have a chore thanks to my mom. Here is most of the completed house!

Molly has really gotten into the redecorating - she loves moving around and pieces she can get her hands on. The pumpkins have been moved many times in the 24 hours they have been in front of the door.
The entry way- my mom was able to somehow get 33 crosses up with some fun arrangements instead of all piled on one wall.
The living room
The kitchen
Molly's room (for now)
The master bedroom
Our guest suite/ bedroom
Molly's track aka the bonus room. We have decided against buying furniture to put in this room and will leave it empty. At times we might put a few toys in it as a play room but the stairs are steep and I can't get things done if I am stuck upstairs with Molly so it will mainly be our white room:)
Jon's new bookshelves - got them at unpainted furniture and Jon is finishing them
The reason we need so many bookshelves - the study and its box look!

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