Monday, September 20, 2010

Corn Maze

Sunday we went to Hubb's Corn Maze in Clinton, NC for a family fun day. Jon, Molly and I crammed a Taco Bell lunch in after chapel and drove 40 miles to experience the maze of all mazes!! It had 2 different courses (the 1.5 and 2.5 mile), toddler town, pony rides, silo slides and corn nuggets. We enjoyed the day out there and completed both courses. In my last post I said I wouldn't trust Jon with land navigation and our family and after Sunday, well let's just say I am a little better at finding checkpoints in a timely manner. On Jon's behalf I will have to say that it is hard to navigate and hold a kid but every time I tried to hold her it was like having a siren in the maze - FIND US, SAVE ME, I WANT MY DADDY!!! I think that is what she was shouting but all I heard was WHAAAAAAAAAA dada, WHAAAAAAAA dada. So needless to say Jon carried Molly 90% of the time in the mazes.
Here are the pictures of the fun!!

This is the aerial shot of the maze. Crazy I know, the tank maze is 2.5 miles and the helicopter is 1.5 miles. I bet you will never guess who the sponsor was this year?? If you guessed the US Army MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) you win!!
The Toyota one at the top is the haunted maze that is open at night in October.
Molly and Jon enjoying a barrel ride.
The silo slide - actually a lot of fun. Molly was brave enough to go down one time on her own and smiled even.
The hay ride - Molly is pretty much dying of heat at this point and Jon and I were not far behind.
Molly loved touching the ponies.
Checkpoint 11 in the maze. At this point we had completed the helicopter maze, taken a break and were almost done with the tank maze.
Molly's favorite part I think - toddler town with play equipment her size and of course a swing!
What a great way to finish the day - corn nuggets - which is basically Cheetos but instead of cheese a molasses coating. Can you say sugar high??

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the sealey family said...

wow! that looks super fun!

i think molly gets a hot red face just like her mama when she gets hot! :) i remember all too well all of those hot texas runs we took together!