Sunday, June 6, 2010

Movers are coming

There will be no pictures today even though we have gone on many adventures in the past 2 weeks. We road our bikes on the Tony Knowles, road our bikes to Subway and Marble Slab, went to the Saturday market and have been getting ready for our last week in Alaska. Molly and I tried to make sure that Jon at least got to do some of the highlights in his short summer here so while we road the bikes we pointed out to him the train as it passed and told him what he missed and the same when we saw the flight seeing helicopter fly over us. I can't believe our time in Alaska is coming to a close - it has been fun and I will miss it here.
1. My friends
2. Nonstop daylight in the summer
3. Random adventures that only Alaska offers
4. Seeing moose and bear walk down my residential neighborhood
5. Riding my bike around
6. Sledding down some of the most awesome mountains anytime I want from Oct - Apr
7. Snow City, Mooses' Tooth and Hacienda's
8. my amazing on-post housing
9. my friends amazing off-post housing for the moments I needed to get away
10. My friends - luckily the Army moves you a lot so I should run into at least one of them again!

Maybe once the packers have come and gone I will post some pictures.

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