Saturday, June 19, 2010

2,000 miles in 5 days

There are less bugs to eat us b/c most are on our car

We have traveled over 2,00 miles and have only about 3,500 more to go on our cross country journey. Molly has been quite the trooper and entertains herself in between naps with reading, playing games and screaming at Jon and I. Jon and I have listened to The Chronicles of Narnia and loved it!! We have camped, cooked, and slept in nature for 4 nights and tonight treated ourselves to a hotel. After 4 nights of being in nature we realize that it is a treat to be in secluded areas with no noise, cars and fast food. There has been some awesome bonding times at night when we try and get Molly to sleep outside without blackout curtains, remember we were in the north where there was no NIGHT- perpetual daylight/dusk. After looking forward to the Edmonton Mall for the past 2,000 miles is was a HUGE let down. Instead of staying 2 nights we will stay tonight and hit the road. We are adding Yellowstone to our itinerary and can't wait to see Old Faithful. Molly cna't wait to be outside where she gets to run wild and play in the dirt.
Night 1 Sourdough Campgrounds
Day 2 - Random roadside lunch, probably one of the highlights of the trip for Jon and I. It was beautiful and Strong River was flowing next to us and Molly ran and played and then fell asleep until we arrived at Tahiki Hot Springs!!
Day 3 - Watson Lake and the sign forest. Not too bad, found some others that went to NC also and found one from the Rose family - Meredith did you take this trip as a kid??
Day 4 - Molly has become one with nature. Yes that fly died in her snot - I guess I don't know. She entertains herself for the 10 minutes it takes me to get dinner and Jon to set up the tent, she comes and talks to both of us but neither of us noticed this until it was too late for the poor fly.
Molly with her 2 sippy cups, alphabet caterpillar and book. I love noise making toys because they entertain her for the few hours that sleeping and books don't!
Day 5 - Edmonton Mall - LET DOWN!!! I guess after sleeping at 2 hot springs and driving with some of the most amazing sites a mall filled with nasty people is just not that great. I guess it was culture shot for us all since AK. I am not used to people running around in next to nothing, shops in malls that I don't want my child to ever enter, or the crazy prices people want you to pay when we had been happy with next to nothing. The upside is that we are making and addendum to our trip and are now going to Yellowstone!!!
Me, Molly and the Mounty.

We have made the best of our hotel stay - playing on the computer, taking a shower without shower shoes and I can't wait to wake up not in the cold dew of the morning but we are all ready for the open road and some more awesome sites!!!

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the sealey family said...

what an adventure!

just wish that adventure would have brought you through the lovely ca! miss you guys!