Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 1

Today is the day we start the journey out of Alaska. Just 22 months ago we moved here from Texas and now we head out to North Carolina. We will post some things we see along the way as often as we have wi-fi on the road. We will be tent camping and cooking our food on our camp stove as we head along the path. While we are all super excited Jon did point out that his joy diminishes by 100% when it is raining and cold out like it has been this morning. Today we will be going to Tok, AK can't wait to tell you all we see.
Goodbye snow Oct - May hello open roads.


Natalie Ward said...

Well minus the rain sounds like an awesome adventure!!
Just tell Jon he will have to snuggle a little closer!!

Tressa said...

What a grand adventure!! Where exactly in NC will you guys be??

Connie Dunn said...

When I read your blog to Josh & told you were moving...his response was "are they moving back to Waco, TX?" I replied, "No, they're moving to another state called 'North Carolina'. His response: "AWWWW.". You guys are missed by MANY. Have fun.