Saturday, May 22, 2010


Jon jumped yesterday so I went up on a near by mountain to take some pictures of him jumping. It was an awesome view from Skyline drive - you could see Sleeping Lady mountain behind the plane as they jumped. Can't wait to go to NC because at that base the families can sit at the bottom of the jump zone and see then right after they jump.

Jon is the second to last person to jump out of the plane in this picture. It was a great jump so Jon told me - no major injuries unlike the jump earlier this week when his chaplain assistant hurt his back.
Jon and a bunch of other soldiers falling to the ground.
The drop zone - this is where the soldiers landed.
Then I got the girls I have hung out with the past year. We got together and made some water bottles to remember our time together and to explain to them that I am moving and we only have a few more times.
Then we became airborne - one of the families made a zip line so we all did a run or two.
Running the line back up - the guy in red was cutting down trees in their backyard but was pretty excited about the zip line also!

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