Monday, May 10, 2010

Dog sitting

Our friends are letting us watch their dogs as they visit family on the east coast and Molly is loving it! Titan (the white dog) loves to follow her around as Molly sticks out her hand to be licked/cleaned. Annie on the other hand just sits and waits for the rare moments Molly decides she needs to bug her.
I let the dogs out and left the door open so they could come in and out as they please and forgot about Molly who can walk now. Jon called me from the computer to see what was going on. Molly had gone outside and down the stairs to play with the dogs - luckily they go to the bathroom on the other side of the lawn!
Later that afternoon she was back out again. I can only take it so long when she cries at the door to be outside so I let her out to play with them again - this time supervised.
The dogs are wearing her out along with the SUN!! Molly and I goth got a little sun Saturday as you can see with her rosy red cheeks. This is Jon and Molly's planning session for Mother's Day. They cooked me breakfast and took me to Bear's tooth for lunch and a movie and then McDonald's for an ice cream cone and a relaxing afternoon sitting on our neighbors swing out in the sun! My present didn't make it but neither did the ones we sent our own mother's - that way everyone can celebrate a second mother's day in our families!!

Moving Update:
In one month the movers will have come and cleared our house and we will be cleaning for our final inspection, then June 15 we hit the road for a 5,348 mile cross country ROADTRIP! We are camping out and seeing some amazing sites like the Edmonton Mall, Glacier National Park, Mount Rushmore and FAMILY!! I will miss seeing the snow capped mountains out my windows but it will be nice to be a little closer to family and friends.

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Kaitlin Roten said...

Wow! No snow in the backyard!