Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Way so happy??

Why do Molly and I both have such silly grins?
Because God (and Army) willing Jon will be home for our next big breakfast!! I was so excited I was awake at 6am and Molly joined me at 7am. Tomorrow I will have to be awake a few hours before that to go to the homecoming ceremony at the gym!!!!!

So what do you do to make time fly when it wants to stand still? You have a slumber party for the girls in chapel. Sat/Sun I had 10 girls and 1 brave friend/mom come over for a slumberfestaramathon!! We mod podged journals, made and ate pizza, played sardines, watched Enchanted, slept, had a group devotional, ate breakfast and walked to church together. Molly thought she was so big. She stayed up until 9:30 b/c she just sat among the girls and I kind of forgot to put her to bed. She was not happy to have to sleep upstairs in her bed while all the other girls got to sleep in the living room. She thought she should get to do everything they - one day she will.All the girls right before the movie!

Breakfast. Molly was up bright and early - she did not want to miss any of the action.
She is her granny's granddaughter. She may be pushing it the wrong way but she walked all around the kitchen with it yesterday while I was picking up a few things. Mom never fear at least one girl in this house has your crazy vacuum need/habit/OCD. At least one grand kid from each of your children has the vacuum gene.


Tressa said...

SO SO SO SO SO SO SO EXCITING!! You have endured much my friend! I have been thinking about YOU alot since Joel left for Haiti, its hard being husband-less!
Cant wait to see the BIG reunion on the blog!:D

N.Ward.Designs said...

very exciting... can't wait to see the reunited family!!

Connie Dunn said...

Shawn discipled you well....evidence is in the name of the slumber party. Anything is fun if it has festamarathon tagged onto the title! :)