Sunday, February 7, 2010

Soldiers, Savings, Slumber Party & SUPERBOWL!

Another round of soldiers home - one day Jon will be with the flight!!!!
This week Molly and I went through our coupon pages and clipped coupons before our monthly trip to the store. Molly was such a great helper - NOT. I finally gave up and once I finished with a page I would give it to her to play with - at least she was entertained for a little while so I could get the list done. On Friday night Molly and I went to our first mother daughter slumber party. We spent the night with some friends kids so they could get away. We sewed the night away (thanks again Mrs. Frew for the years of training). We made pillowcases, quilts, skirts, dresses, shirts and purses for the three girls American dolls. They just kept saying we are making the American girl clothes in America - this is so cool. Let's remember it was 3 girls in 2,4&5 grade and the machine broke at 9:30pm so most of the things were hand stitched but with my expertize and attention to detail these clothes should last at least 3 weeks:) And last but not least the Superbowl. We went to 2 parties and have realized Molly will never be a cheerleader - she will be on the field getting bloody with the best of them. Read below to find out why.

Molly found a good deal.

Snow ice cream - 1 gallon of FRESH snow, 1 cup sugar, 1 tsp vanilla 1-2 cups of milk to taste - mix and eat. I love the internet on a snowy day!!
M & K with Molly - playing dolls while the big kids sewed.
Superbowl party #1 Molly w/ A - we sported our Baylor outfits since we haven't been cheering either team all year.
Molly after the flap in the front of her mouth became unattached - note blood all over my sweatshirt! She was "walking" around the tables and got a little excited and took a dive smashing her face. Her top lip is a little swollen but nothing major - we were told by a pediatric dental nurse just to keep ice on it. Many times people get surgery to have the flap unattached so teeth have room to grow - so lets call is spontaneous self inflicted surgery:) It only effected her for about 2 minutes and then she was back to her happy go lucky self - praise the Lord for a resilient kid.

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Connie Dunn said...

I like the new background. And I must say busted lip & all your Molly is ADORABLE!!!!